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Grape varieties in Alsace

The Alsatian terroir

The alsatian grape variety and the specificity of the terroir in Guebwiller

In Alsace we are used to call the wine by the name of their grape variety. You can find 7 different grape variety and they all have their very own carachteristics.

 Sylvaner : Fresh white wine. This grape variety is perfect to pair with seafood, fish, Ce cépage accompagne aussi bien les fruits de mer, les poissons grillés and various type of salad.

Pinot-Blanc : Fruity white wine. Ideal to pair with many dishes like chicken, cheese…

Riesling : Dry and fruity wine with mineral taste. This wine is used a lot in the french gastronomy. You can pair it with seafood, meat or the “Choucroute” the traditionnal alsatian food.

Pinot-Gris : Full-bodied wine which combines some sour taste with a slight sweetness. Ideal to combine with foie gras and white meat.

Le Muscat : Light and fruity wine. The alsatian Muscat is very different to the Muscat from the south of France that are more sweet. Aspergus is a food and win pairing in heaven for the alsatian Muscat.

Le Gewurztraminer : Rich bodied wine with fruity and spicy aroma. Gewurtztraminer is perfect to pair with foie gras, strong cheeses and dessert.

Le Pinot-Noir : The only red or rosé wine from Alsace. The aroma will remind you the cherry, and other red fruit. Red meat is traditionnally associated with Pinot Noire.

The marriage between terroir and hills

Located far away from the influence of the oceans the alsatian wineyard beneficiate from a semi-continental climate. The wineyard is located particularly hide in the mountain (betwenn 200 and 400 meters high). Thanks to this the alsatian wineyard beneficiates from the sun all over the year.

Guebwiller is located in a very particular place in Alsace which gives the different wine their particularity. Indeed many different soil are located in Guebwiller (limestone, argillaceous, sandstone).

If you want to have a taste of excellent terroir wine you can look for the so called “Alsace Grand Cru” wine. In Guebwiller we have 4 Grand Cru called Kitterlé, Kessler, Saering and Spiegel.

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